SRI SADHANA is a place for Observation, Research, Innovation, Expression. And it seems to built Superior Life Structure, Discipline and Analytical focus on your Ultimate Success.
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sri sadhana
sri sadhana

Our logo & Moto

‘’Sri Sadhana’’ is entirely different from present private commercial educational system. With the inspiration of Vedic sentence ‘’Sarveshaa Meeva Daanaanaam Vidyaadaanam Param smrutam’’ we established srisadhana in part of educational enlighten, service, and the progress of young generation in the district, particularly west prakasam.

Education is essential for both male and female to achieve their challenges. We observed a huge number of girl drop outs due to parent’s illiteracy and poverty in and around markapuram. With our organizations we are trying level best in encourage young generation especially girls to reach their goals in various fields like medicine, engineering, accountancy, professional, research and traditional courses. To fulfil this ideology we designed our logo with book and students with in., and the Vedic sloka beneath it.

We highly believe in ethical, strong and traditional Gurukula educational system. This kind of system only students can grow sharp with glorified ideologies and self confidence. To uplift our aim and Moto we designed a telugu tag line as ‘’ padunaina meedhassu..patishtamaina vidya..’’. We assure that we will never compromise in our path and we will do our level best to glorify educational system as well as to enrich the name of ‘srisadhana’ as a brand.